New Challenge to Improve Your Health!

Each day I’d like to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into one or more meals that I prepare each day.  My goal is to increase my energy level, make better food choices and improve my overall diet.  I plan to include some new recipes that I will share with you throughout the challenge.  I hope that you enjoy joining me on this journey and have fun making some great choices to improve your overall health.

Make a list of some of your favorite fruits or vegetables and pick them up at your local grocery store.  Try to plan a trip to a local farmer’s market to pick up a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few pics of my recent visit to a local farmer’s market.  I kept passing by this market week after week and never stopped.  I really enjoyed my trip and wanted to share some of the fresh fruits and veggies that I spotted.

IMG_5631 (1)




I love to juice kale for a great green juice.


I have a great sweet potato pie smoothie recipe that will make you think that you’ve just taken a bite of a fresh baked sweet potato pie.

I found some of the best tasting Fuji apples (not pictured) that I had ever tasted.  You could never find apples like these in the grocery store.  They were just pulled off of the tree and were exquisite.

As you shop it’s always fun to pick one fruit or vegetable that you’ve never tried before.

I hope you take on this challenge.  Next ideas will be posted soon.

Peace and Love Pink Running Kicks.

(Habakkuk 2:2) Then the Lord said to me, “Write the vision and make it plain” ……


4 thoughts on “New Challenge to Improve Your Health!

  1. Keep it up girl!! You can do it. I am more than excited to hear about this Sweet potato pie smoothie… my mouth is watering thinking about it lol. I agree with you as well, I think sometime we all neglect our veggies here and there more so than with fruits. For example I always have a veggie omelette for breakfast and normally some type of salad to accompany my meals but I always limit my veggies to a specific few instead of enjoying more variety. So hopefully you and I can incorporate more selection. Good luck on your journey.

    Lets keep in touch! What is your IG? mine is dorisfitness and if you have time feel free to check out my blog as well
    Happy Sunday

    • So great to hear from you! You’ve made my day! I’m excited about this challenge and I hope to inspire you and others. Please follow me on IG: pinkrunningkicks and I have a Facebook page: Pink Running Kicks and a Facebook group: Women Who Love To Improve Their Health, Fitness & Beauty follow and I’ve already followed back.

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