Self-Care Summer

Summer is a time for relaxation, fun, great summer fruits, popsicles (bomb pops of course) vacays (or staycays).  I’ve been enjoying a variety of these activities as well as catching up on some much needed zzzzzzzzzzzzs.

I also schedule many of my yearly appointments during the summer to ensure that I am healthy before the start of the school year.  So, my days are filled with various appointments such as dental, medical, vision, hair, etc.  It’s just easier to knock them out over the summer because I have so much downtime.

Don’t neglect your yearly check-ups.  They are like your car maintenance service appointments.  A regular tune-up will keep your body, mind and soul healthy over the long haul.

Peace and Love xoxoxo


Summer’s Here and I’m Back to Blogging!

I haven’t written a post since 2016? What!?  That’s so tragic.  I really need to prioritize my time better.  Well, updates are due, of course.  I’m now in a great new position in education.  This takes up the majority of my time.  The other time is sleeping. Phew! I have to really do better about blocking out time for myself.  I’ve received so much advice on self-care and have been reluctant to heed any words of wisdom.  So, my summer Bucket List is as follows:

Go to the beach for some long walks

Cook some new healthy recipes

Blog more (of course)

Visit a spa or two

If you have an ideas for me please leave a comment below!

Enjoy Your Summer!