Hello Everyone,

It has been a dream of mine for several years to create a blog on health, fitness and beauty.  I’m so proud to introduce you to pinkrunningkicks.com.

I’ve had a love for running and healthy living for years. But, like many people, I’ve had my ups and downs with eating right and weight gains/losses.

My love for makeup and beauty products are pretty evident in the amount of time and $$$ that I spend in this area.  A girl has to be cute though, Lol!

I’m currently in love with the color pink and I always make sure that I’m sporting some pink attire when working out especially pink “kicks” (Nike Shocks are my favorite running shoes).

I enjoy cooking, reading, running 5ks (I haven’t run a 10K or above yet), meeting people and traveling.

I recently became a vegetarian for health reasons and I’ve found that I love vegetarian cooking ( I do eat some seafood occasionally). You’ll see a lot of pictures here of my vegetarian/vegan dishes.

My overall goal is to motivate, inspire and empower people to live a healthy lifestyle. Be blessed!


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