8 Exercises Every Woman Should Do

Sculpting for 2015

Zuna Sports Indonesia

If these eight body sculpting moves aren’t in your current training program, they need to be. Like, right now.

Are there certain exercises specifically for men and others specifically for women ? Absolutely not, though it sometimes seems so. Men make up the vast majority of gym-goers who do heavy bench presses and barbell curls, and women currently have the market cornered on the inner/outer thigh machine and plié squats. But ladies, there’s no reason you have to limit yourselves to such “girl-ified” moves. By all means, keep hitting your thighs and glutes hard, but heavy lifting and intense upper-body training aren’t just for guys. There’s a whole host of exercises that are underused by women but shouldn’t be. So we asked three experienced trainers and physique competitors (who just happen to be women) what some of these exercises might be. What we came up with are the following eight…

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