Great Run Tonight!

I feel myself building stamina and endurance as I train for my next 5K race. I had a conversation with a friend of mine on beginning a walking/running program. She told me that she visited her nutritionist and found out that interval training was the best for losing body fat quickly. Tonight’s run involved intervals of walking and running. I walked at a speed of 3.4 for 1 minute and I ran at a speed of 4.5 for 1 minute. My next run will be even longer. I’m ready for the challenge.
A coworker and I were talking about adding cycling to our fitness routine. I think that may be my next purchase. I will have to research the best bike to buy of course. I guess I’ll ride the bike in my neighborhood because I don’t want to attach a bike rack to my car. Well, this post will be short and sweet. Goodnight all!


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