Saturday Outings!

Today was a pretty active day for me.  I’m loving breakfast these days.  I usually use my new Nutribullet to whip up a green smoothie.  I’ve become addicted to Ezekiel Bread Cinnamon and Raisin English Muffins.  I spread on about 2 tbs of Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter. Mmmm Good!  The pic below is a typical breakfast for me give or take a couple of hard boiled eggs or scrambled easy.  My smoothies are made with spinach, frozen fruit, chia seeds, flax seed and agave nectar.                                                                                



So, before I went to workout I stopped by Sports Chalet to pick up a Polar FT7.  This little gadget should help me stay in my fat burning zone and optimize my workouts. Hmm, let’s see if this works out.  I’m totally confused by it already LOL.



Once I made it to the beach I started my 45 minute long walking routine.  I’m incorporating the “STAIRS” into my routine.  My legs are killing me on the way up.



But, once I get to the top I’m all smiles.  The stairs are really steep and sandy.



I will be blogging on my trips to the gym and updating you on my progress.

Lunch today was so-so.  I usually make a mean salad, but today’s was a little bland believe it or not!  



What was your Saturday workout routine?

What did you have for lunch?



Good Morning!

I’m up and at em this morn. Just finished breakfast (pics later). Goal for today, check out the Polar F7 watches and of course workout. I really want to workout at the beach on Saturday morns and attack the dreaded STAIRS! (Pics later). 

Does anyone have a heart monitoring watch?