Making Your Grocery Shopping Fun!

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To make grocery shopping for healthy meals fun, easy  and motivational you should give a designed shopping list a try. I created a shopping list for myself to help me stay focused in picking up items that are necessary for my “clean eating” meal plan.  My first grocery list was something that I made with a notepad and my label maker.  It was a little time consuming to create, but it really kept me focused.


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In order to cut down on prep time, I then decided to go to Vistaprint and design my own shopping list. The notepads that I designed only cost about $5 each and you get 50 sheets/notepad.   This really motivates me to pick up my items on time (every 3-5 days)  so that I can meal prep and bring my healthy lunch and snacks to work on a daily basis.


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So, now I just clip my grocery list to my agenda and go!  I check off items as I pick them up.  This keeps me away from any aisle with items that can sabotage my grocery trip (e.g. pastries, candy, chips, soda, etc.).


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How do you plan for shopping?


Peace and Love


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8 thoughts on “Making Your Grocery Shopping Fun!

  1. Great idea! I keep a running list in my iPhone then text it to my husband when he goes shopping. But I always forget to delete items on the list from the previous week and we end up getting things we don’t need :/

    • I know I was using my iPhone also and I found that as I was running into a store and would forget to use it and I would go off of my memory. I then would realize once I got home that I didn’t use my iPhone list and forgot certain items. LOL. Now I just clip my list to my agenda and I go.

  2. I love this idea! Making a template with items I should always be buying will help me stay organized and get out the store faster 🙂 Right now I just write down a list of everything I can remember right before I go. I wander the store and forget items all the time. Thanks for the tip!

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